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Camper Van Rentals in Victoria BC

Victoria’s Camper Van Rental Pros

Camping trips are the most underrated getaway possible. What people rarely consider, though, is that with an RV rental adventure, they don’t need to book a plane flight, or pay for a hotel room. In a country like Canada, why would anyone need a hotel room anyway? Our outdoors are as beautiful as the most upscale resort and the versatility of the breathtaking Canadian wilderness is not to be underestimated. From glacier and icefield trips, to fishing trips, white water rapids, and mountaineering expeditions, there is truly something for everyone in our beautiful country.

Camper Vans Include

  • - Pots, and pans (both small and large)
  • - Cutlery, and dishes (plates, bowls, cups)
  • - Cooking utensils (spatula, ladle, cutting board)
  • - Cooler
  • - Hand towel, dish cloth, dish towel
  • - Bottle of soap
  • - Box of matches
  • - Bottle of propane
  • - Multi-burner cooking stove
  • - Two folding chairs
  • - Tap lights with new batteries
  • - Bed sheet

Camper Van Add-Ons

  • - Batteries, $15/package of 8 (charge only applies if customer uses batteries)
  • - Propane, $10/bottle (charge only applies if customer uses bottle)
  • - Portable gazebo, $50/rental
  • - Sleeping bag and pillow combination, $5/day
  • - S’mores kit, $15/kit

The Best Vacations in Victoria

In Canada the best vacations are those taken outside, and the best outdoor vacations are taken in a RV. At Cool Campers we know how incredible North American scenery can be and so we strive to offer our customers an outdoor experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

In a struggling economy, there is even more incentive today to find a cost effective alternative to expensive plane flights and hotel stays. For Victoria’s vacationers, that alternative is Cool Campers. Our enthusiastic team can help anybody have the best RV vacation of their life.