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Vancouver Island Camper Van Adventures

In the great Canadian wilderness, the only real hardship in finding a high quality outdoor vacation is choosing from among the plethora of options. At Cool Campers RV Rentals, we cater to the adventurous lifestyle. Our RV’s provide everything a vacationer needs to enjoy the outdoors.

Fishing and Beach Locations

Western Canada has hundreds of excellent fishing locations, both fresh and saltwater. Some of the best sites in the entire world include:

  • - McIvor Lake, located 4 miles from Quinsam, McIvor is an excellent spot for fly fishing as well as spinning.
  • - Nitinat, located on the Alberni watershed, Nitinat is a beautiful fishing area that takes anglers off the beaten path.
  • - Tofino, on top of being one of the world’s best surfing and sightseeing locations, Tofino also offers some of the best halibut, steelhead, and salmon fishing.
  • - Port Renfrew and Sombrio; this iconic fishing location holds the largest species of Pacific salmon, the chinook.

Wildlife and Scenery Viewing

While virtually everywhere in Canada is beautiful in its own way, there are some places that are a step above the rest. One of few countries to still contain true glaciers and ice fields, there are locations in Canada that will absolutely steal your breath away, such as:

  • - Columbia icefield and glacier; with a recently built glacier walkway, and guided tours through the icefield, this is a major stop for many winter adventurers.
  • - Whale watching; Tofino, as well as Victoria, have some of the world’s highest rated whale watching companies. From orcas, to dolphins, there is no telling what you might see.
  • - Provincial parks; from the world famous Banff National Park, to Pink Mountain Provincial Park, and Englishman River Falls National Park there are dozens of parks in Western Canada, each with unique wildlife and gorgeous scenery.
  • - Butchart gardens; the colorful Butchart gardens hold some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire country.
  • - Coombs; home of the famous Old Country Market and its equally famous goats on the roof, Coombs is a must stop for many travelers.
  • - Victoria butterfly gardens; the Victoria butterfly garden is an indoor tropical paradise containing exotic birds, frogs, fish and, of course, butterflies.
  • - Sooke potholes; one of the most popular swimming destinations in the province, the Sooke potholes offer numerous hiking trails, and incredible views.
  • - Salt Spring Vineyards; with an island surrounded by beautiful gardens and unique wines to taste, what more can a thirsty traveler ask for?
  • - Parksville Beachfest; for a few weeks every year, talented artists flock from all over the world to compete in Beachfest, one of the most epic sandcastle building competitions on the planet.

Skiing, Surfing and Snowboarding

Canada is famous for its legendary winter sport athletes, and locations. British Columbia and neighboring Alberta hold some of the world’s finest mountains for carving snow, as well as offering unbelievable hiking venues. The most popular mountains for shredding powder are:

  • - Whistler Blackcomb; these two mountains are an iconic skiing and snowboarding paradise. They have long been go to training mountains for elite Olympic teams.
  • - Revelstoke; like Whistler, Revelstoke is a small mountain town full of snow enthusiasts. Slightly more challenging than other mountains, it has fast, difficult runs and great snow.
  • - Sunshine Village; with numerous runs and attractions, Sunshine Village offers something for everyone whether they are beginners or professionals. Delirium Dive is one of the most intense runs that any mountain has to offer.
  • - Shawnigan lake; this lake is a leading watersports hotspot and holds one of the greatest waterskiing and wakeboarding schools in the province.
  • - Mount Washington; this gorgeous mountain is an island must-see. The only true skiing destination on the island, anybody who loves powder will have a blast.

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