Camper Van Rentals in Sidney

In terms of exploring Vancouver Island, there might be no better way than with a camper van. We began this business because we love this part of the world so much that we wanted everyone to enjoy it the same way—travel Vancouver Island at your own pace in one of our highly accommodating camper vans.

We keep our prices affordable so that anyone can enjoy the luxurious simplicity of our vans. Our fleet of vans is exceptionally well cared for by our maintenance technicians to ensure you have a comfortable ride and the best mileage possible.

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Rent Your Van!

Travel the Island in a Camper Van on Your Terms

The best part of travel by camper van is the independence. There are no itineraries to follow, no tour guides, just you and your roadmap. Vancouver Island reveals its beauty to those who have the patience to explore it for themselves. There is beauty around every bend and something to explore down every side road.

You and your family or friends will create memories to last a lifetime in one of our revered camper vans. The freedom you must explore in this beautiful corner of the world is unlimited. If you need suggestions for where to go, our friendly local staff will help you out.

Rent Your Camper Van from Passionate Local Explorers

Like most British Columbians, we are positively smitten by the nature that surrounds us. We started this business because of our love of Sidney and the areas surrounding it. We love facilitating amazing trips and helping people have the best time possible.

We know all the campgrounds near and far, we can guide you to the best beaches and seafood places. We can offer fun activities and point you in the direction of many delightful oddities that you can’t find anywhere else other than right here in Vancouver.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Sidney, BC, and if you are looking to plan the perfect summer vacation (or any other time of the year), please get in touch with us right away.

Our Van Rental Packages

Depending on your schedule, we will work out the perfect trip for you. We will equip you with the ideal van for your needs and the number of campers you have.

After giving you our professional suggestions regarding all the best locales around, we will discuss your basic package options:

  • 7 day rental $795
  • $125/day

If you have any questions about our rates or how to make your trip even better – please call (250) 216-9523 right away.

Travel Comfortably with Friends or Family in Our Camper Vans

Our vans come fully equipped with everything you need to have an epic vacation. Within the vans are everything you need to sleep, eat comfortably, hang out, store your things, and travel with ease. We equip our vans with emergency kits and extra lights and batteries just in case.

The Best Way to Explore Vancouver Island

The best way to experience all of Vancouver Island’s world-class ecology is by hitting the open road in a camper van and seeing where the road takes you. When you choose Cool Camper Rentals as your vacation transportation providers, you are ensuring that your weekend getaway is unique, comfortable and completely unforgettable.

Founded on a lifetime of enjoying camping in British Columbia’s unique and world-renowned wilderness, Cool Camper Rentals is committed to providing visitors and British Columbians alike with the opportunity to enjoy our province’s amazing ecosystems with camper vans of unparalleled comfort.

Your perfect vacation is only a phone call away to (250) 216-9523.

Why Rent a Camper Van?

There is no shortage of ways to experience Vancouver Island’s great outdoors. You can’t go wrong exploring our wilderness on foot, by kayak, on mountain bike or by canoe. However, these types of expeditions often require months of time, which we know you don’t have.

Renting a camper van is an affordable and comfortable way of experiencing the wilderness. Rather than pitching a tent every couple of kilometres or whenever it starts to get dark, you can set up camp wherever you end up. Plus, an advantage of renting a Cool Camper van is its maneuverability. How many times have you planned or participated in a camping trip with an RV or a Class A vehicle? While these large vehicles can provide a lot of peace of mind and necessary shelter when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, their massive size can make them hard to navigate. Our camper vans are all converted GMC Safaris making them easy to handle and maneuver. Better yet, you won’t be required to get a specialized driver’s license to get behind the wheel of one of our camper vans.

Affordable Van Rentals

If you’re looking for a cost-effective family vacation, then you’ve come to the right place. Our camper vans provide a cost-effective and convenient alternative to conventional camping or to renting or buying a bigger RV.

As a proud local company, we keep the cost of our rentals low so that more people can enjoy our services and experience the wonders of our local environment. We don’t believe in hidden fees or nickel and diming our customers. We don’t charge for mileage, and we cover the costs of insurance so you don’t have to. What’s more, our vans are considerably more fuel-efficient than your typical RV. When you need an affordable camping experience, you need Cool Camper Rentals.

Camper Van Specs

Our fleet of camper vans for rent are all converted GMC Safaris that comfortably sleep two people. We also have a few that can comfortably sleep four—simply inquire about their availability when you call us at (250) 216-9523.

All of our vehicles are put through a 30-point inspection after they are returned to us to ensure that they are in the best condition possible. Each camper van comes equipped with:

  • A tent
  • an air Mattress
  • Pots and pans
  • Cutlery
  • Plates, bowls, kitchen knife, spatula, ladle and cutting board
  • A hand towel, dish cloth and dish towel
  • Soap, box matches and propane
  • A two-burner cook stove
  • Folding chairs, a cooler, bed sheets and tap lights with new batteries

For an additional charge, we can also outfit your camper van rental with:

  • Batteries (package of 8/$15)
  • Propane ($10 per bottle)
  • S’mores kit ($15)
  • Additional sleeping bag/pillow ($5 per day)
  • Portable gazebo ($50, flat-rate for duration of trip)

Superior Camper Vans

Our camper vans are designed with comfort in mind. Although smaller than a conventional RV, they still boast an exceptionally spacious interior, including a fold-out 6’3’’ double bed. We’ve maximized the form and function of our camper vans so that anyone up to 6’2’’ can stand, sit, and sleep without any trouble.

In addition, our vans are also incredibly maneuverable and agile on the road. Thanks to their slim profile, they are exceptionally easy to drive on highways, city streets, and on dirt roads. Plus, they’re more fuel-efficient than most comparable camper vans. Smart, efficient, and spacious? All possible with Cool Camper Rentals. It’s how we set ourselves apart from the competition.

Trust the Friendly Camper Van Experts

We started Cool Camper Rentals based on a single principle: to share the joy of camping with as many people as possible. With that mission in mind, we strive to give every one of our customers an outstanding service experience so that they love every moment of their adventure.

Our rental process is simple. After you contact us, we supply you with a straightforward contract for the rental and ask for a small security deposit. After that, the camper is yours for the duration of your rental.

While you’re with us, we offer clear communication and friendly service to ensure that you get the most out of your vacation. Although we provide a comprehensive inspection of every vehicle before your rental, we understand that sometimes something may go awry. If at any time you experience difficulties with your vehicle, we’re available at all times to help. We’ll be happy to come to your location and fix the problem, whatever it may be. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll have an unforgettable and worry-free vacation experience.

Your Perfect Vancouver Island Vacation

We started Cool Camper Rentals because we wanted to make sure that everyone got the opportunity to experience the wonder of camping in our beautiful wilderness. That is why we are committed to offering the best possible customer service. From quality vehicles, help service and recommendations, we are always a phone call away to help you enjoy this experience to the fullest.

Camping With Added Peace of Mind

The purpose of going camping is to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so it only makes sense to plan your trip to be as peaceful as possible. When you add a Cool Camper Rentals camper van to your plan, you're ensuring peace of mind that your wilderness getaway will go smoothly, offering you all the relaxation you desire.

Our vans come prepacked with everything necessary to go off-grid, so all you need to do is pack your personal belongings. We only source rugged vans that you can take as far off-road as you'd like to get deeper into calm isolation and help you recharge. If you have any special requests, such as batteries or extra propane, we’ll gladly stock you up.

Your Sidney getaway awaits—call to book your private camper van rental.

Rugged and Reliable Camper Vans

Embark on a journey into the breathtaking and rugged terrain of Vancouver Island in one of our reliable camper vans. Our fleet of vehicles has a track record of crossing mud-filled, bumpy roads without issue, taking riders deep into Sidney's gorgeous wilderness.

Our affordable vehicles are outfitted with rugged terrain tires, suspension to make the bumps feel like smooth waves, and comfortable seating for a relaxing ride. Before releasing a vehicle, we put it through a 30-point inspection covering all maintenance and performance areas to keep you safe while away. With us, you don't just get a break—you have peace of mind that your excursion van won't break down too.

Camper Van Company You Can Trust

Here at Cool Camper Rentals, you get a doubly premium experience: first, in our unrivaled customer service, and second, in our premium camper vans. When you rent one of our vehicles, we’ll go the extra mile to accommodate any special requests to make your trip perfect. From additional equipment to added amenities, we're happy to make it a reality.

With our services, you can always expect the following:

  • Pre-rental consultations
  • Flexible booking options
  • Unlimited and mileage included in rentals
  • Competitive rental rates
  • Convenient payment options
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • …and more

Consider renting one of our vans a bargain like no other. We offer an unrivaled package deal you can't resist and an experience that will last a lifetime.

Upgrade Your Camping Trip

Are you planning an old-fashioned camping trip with a tent and sleeping bag? If so, we encourage you to elevate your trip for a low cost by renting one of our handy-dandy camper vans.

With our vehicles, you don't need to worry about carrying all your belongings in a cumbersome hiking bag up a hill through narrow foot trails only to arrive tired and defeated. Instead, take a private ride to an isolated sleeping spot with all your belongings nicely packed in the van's trunk.

With all the extra space our vehicles offer, you can pack a shade tent to keep the too-bright morning light or use it to take a nap without catching too much sun. Whatever you choose to pack, we assure you that our spacious vans will upgrade your experience tenfold and make your camping trip much less tiring.

Get Your Camper Rental Today

We provide a one-of-a-kind rental service to people who want a vacation experience on a budget. We know that every one of our rental vans is a quality vehicle that will give you a reliable, convenient, and affordable way to enjoy the west coast. We want you to experience it for yourself.

Try our camper rentals. You’ll love your next vacation when you choose to travel with Cool Camper Rentals. We guarantee it.

Make your next vacation an unforgettable experience. Contact us today to book your adventure.