Camper Van Rentals in Victoria

If you’ve been looking for an incredible, authentic getaway experience on the Island, then look no further.

Cool Camper Rentals offers affordable camper vans for rent. Explore all of Vancouver Island, hop over to the mainland—go wherever your heart takes you. From one of our vans, you’ll be able to soak in all the breathtaking scenery that BC has to offer.

Located in Sidney, we’re just a short drive away from Victoria. Call us today at (250) 216-9523 to book your rental!


Local Camper Van Rentals

Are you ready to take in all the sights and sounds Victoria offers—on your schedule? With our local camper van rentals, you can move at your own pace while experiencing the trip of a lifetime without worrying about being on time for hotel check-ins. Our vans make it possible to plan your itinerary and stay in some of the region’s most scenic spots.

Our vehicles are fully equipped with all the essentials, including comfortable sleeping arrangements and storage space for all your adventure gear. This means you can wake up to the sound of waves at a beachside campsite or find serenity under the stars in a secluded forest. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to change your plans on the go, discovering hidden gems and local favorites without the constraints of a rigid schedule.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime with our camper van rentals.

A True West Coast Experience

There’s no better way to experience BC than from the comfort of one of our camper vans. Equipped with a range of amenities, they have everything you need to cook, camp, and sleep during the entirety of your journey. Enjoy the sights from the road. Take a detour and pitch a tent in the middle of a forest. No matter where you go, you can count on your van as a trustworthy steed.

Thanks to the small size of our rental vans, they are considerably more maneuverable than the conventional camper. They’ll serve you especially well on windy roads, bumpier terrain, and narrow side streets. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to navigate much more easily in one of our vans. You’ll be able to focus less on the stress of driving, and more on the fun of camping.

A Camper Van for All Weather Types: Canada Style

What is more Canadian than hitting the trail in a camper van with your family or a few of your closest friends? Throw in a little inclement weather to make things spicy, and your experience is starting to sound quintessentially canuk. While we don’t recommend driving in any conditions you are not comfortable with, we do encourage you to follow your dreams and plan the adventure you’ll all be talking about around the campfire for many years to come. Whether it’s rain, beautiful skies, or a few flurries, you’ll be warm and comfortable wherever the open road takes you.

Adventure Van Rental

The open road awaits with so much rich Canadian scenery and hospitality to explore. Why not take your accommodations on the road with an adventure van rental? It’s the perfect solution when you’re seeking an unforgettable travel experience.

Our vans are tailor-made for adventure, combining comfort with functionality to suit all your exploration requirements. Equipped with modern amenities like a compact kitchen, comfortable bedding, and ample storage, they provide the ideal launching point for your journey. Whether you’re planning a solo adventure, a romantic getaway, or a family excursion, our vans cater to all.

With the flexibility to go wherever the road takes you, you can discover hidden trails, camp under the stars, or enjoy the freedom of not being tied to hotel check-in and check-out times.

Hit The Open Road in Our Campers

There is nothing more adventurous than an outdoor view with a ribbon of open highway ahead of you, paving your journey forward. In one of our camper vans, you have the opportunity to explore these open roads and go where your spontaneous sense of discovery dictates. The only limitation on our vans is that they must stay in Canada.

But when we have such vast wildernesses in this country, we hardly think of that as a limitation. You can see all the excitement, tranquility, and natural landscapes our nation has to offer. Anywhere with a road is accessible to you—you just have to follow them.

Manageable Camper Vans

Unlike large motorhomes, our camper vans are smaller in size. This can offer you many benefits:

  • Camping options inaccessible to larger vehicles
  • Easier and smoother driving experience
  • Better vehicle mileage

Say I do to Camper Van Renting

Are you looking for the perfect place to ask your significant other to marry you this year?

Popping the big question can be worrying enough without worrying about how, when, and where you’re going to do it. Luckily, we can answer at least one of those questions. The best place to ask is in the beautiful landscapes of the Canadian wilderness. This will help you create a truly breathtaking proposal.

Many Canadians have partnered with us to create a unique experience for their proposal by saying I do to camper van renting. Ask us how we can make your dream proposal happen by getting in touch with us now.

5 Perks of Rental Van Camping

Without a doubt, rental van camping is here to stay. As one of the most cost-efficient ways to take in the beauty of Canada, there really is no good reason not to take a dip off the beaten path and explore to satisfy your curiosity.

Here are the top 5 perks of renting a van camper:

  1. Van-campers are a lot easier to park and drive than larger motorhomes.
  2. Eliminate hotel expenses and check-in and check-out times.
  3. Be spontaneous! When you decide to park for the evening, you have the freedom to choose your view.
  4. Stock up with the food you like and save money cooking your own meals rather than eating out on your holiday.
  5. Comfort, peace of mind, and safety for you and your loved ones.

The Most Affordable Campers Available

Our mission is to spread the joy of camping to as many people as possible. It’s why we started our business. With that in mind, we proudly offer the most affordable camping option available. Families, couples, and individuals can all take advantage of the incredible bargain value that we have on offer.

What is the Cost to Rent a Camper Van for a Week?

Our campers start at as little as $125 per day. No hidden fees. No insurance costs. No mileage charges. And with discounts on long-term rentals available, our vans only get more and more affordable the longer you use them. Your next vacation just got a whole lot cheaper.

Fully Stocked, Top-of-the-Line Camper Vans

To ensure the best camping experience possible, we perform a multi-point visual inspection before and after each rental. We verify that our campers are fully stocked, in excellent working condition, and ready to go when you need it.

Our rentals come equipped with the following items:

  • Two Pots
  • Two Pans
  • Forks, Spoons, and Knives (two each)
  • Two Sets of Plates, Bowls, and Cups
  • Cooking Utensils (Spatula, Lada, Cutting Board)
  • Hand Towel, Dish Cloth, and Dish Towel
  • Bottle of Soap
  • Box of Matches
  • Booth Seating
  • Fold-out Bed
  • Bottle of Propane
  • Two-Burner Cook Stove
  • Two Folding Chairs
  • Cooler
  • Bed Sheet

The following are also available at an additional cost:

  • Batteries (Pack of 8 for $15)
  • Extra Propane ($10/bottle)
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow ($5/day)
  • Smores Kit ($15)
  • Portable Gazebo ($50 flat)

Glamping Van Rental

When tenting isn’t your cup of tea, step up your game with glamping van rentals fully equipped with everything required to enjoy the luxury and serenity of the outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of home. Our vans offer the perfect blend of luxury and nature with stylish interiors that create a cozy atmosphere. With the freedom to travel to secluded spots or popular scenic areas, our vans offer an unparalleled way to experience the beauty of the outdoors in absolute comfort and style.

Rent a van from us for an upscale camping experience that combines adventure with the luxuries of modern living.

Cheap Camper Van Rentals

Many of us are looking for ways to breathe some life into our days off after being cooped up in our homes over the winter months. Our value-driven rates reflect our commitment to bringing the great outdoors to you. Remember to book early to be sure to secure the vehicle you would like for the dates you will need it.

Your Perfect Family Getaway

Are you thinking about taking your kids on a summer getaway? Renting a van with Cool Camper Rentals is a perfect choice. Our campers are the ideal size for young families and are equipped with everything you need to experience a fun and hassle-free vacation. Traveling with children is not always easy but renting a camper van gives you the freedom to decide where you're going, where you're staying, and when you need to take a break. Vacationing with your little ones can also be expensive, but Cool Camper Rentals offers a fun and affordable way to enjoy each other's company and see more of our beautiful nation.

What Makes a Family Campervan the Best Accommodation?

Our family campervans offer comfort, convenience, and versatility, making them the ideal accommodation for any outing you and your loved ones plan. Each van is thoughtfully outfitted to cater to families like yours, featuring spacious sleeping areas that provide a cozy retreat after a day of exploration.

Safety is paramount in our designs, with each van equipped with the latest safety features to ensure peace of mind as you travel. Our campervans offer ample storage space, ensuring you can bring all your essential gear, from hiking equipment to beach toys, without feeling cramped.

The flexibility of having mobile accommodations means you can wake up to a new view every day, whether it’s a serene lakeside, a majestic mountain range, or a hidden forest glade. Our campervans offer more than a means for travel—they’re a gateway to creating unforgettable memories, providing a comfortable and secure base for your family’s adventures.

Discuss Your Camping Trip with Our Experts

Are you still trying to figure out whether renting a camper van is the right choice for your upcoming vacation? Want some help deciding? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts. We can discuss your vacation plans and determine which camper would suit the needs of you, your friends, or your family members.

We are also more than happy to answer any questions or address concerns you have over the phone or by email. So get in touch!

The Island Is Your Oyster with Our Van Rentals

When you choose to hire one of our camper vans for your next vacation, you grant yourself the freedom to explore the island, the mainland, or wherever your heart desires. We don't set any geographical boundaries for our renters, so you have the opportunity to explore as you please. We also offer a flexible schedule, so if you'd like to rent your van for longer than anticipated, simply let us know. We'll work hard to accommodate you and facilitate the best vacation you've ever had.

Well Maintained Vans to Meet Your Requirements

As a van rental company, our job is to provide our clients with high-quality vehicles they can rely on out on the open road. We always ensure that our vans are well cared for and regularly maintained. After every rental, we will carefully inspect the car and make sure it's running in top condition before we lease it to another client.

With this in mind, you can drive easy knowing that your van is in great shape!

We Keep Our Campers Clean

The last thing you want when you’re preparing to hit the road is a camper van that still has remnants of the last trip or family. You want complete control of your experience, and this includes the inner and outer state of your rental vehicle.

That’s why before we rent our camper vans to you and your family, we thoroughly inspect and clean the vehicles. This includes a wipe down of surfaces, cleaning of upholstery and flooring, and a change of bedding. We also know that outdoor adventures can get dirty. So many trips take you on paths not frequently traveled, which can mean gravel, dirt, and muddy roads. We don’t want our campers to show any signs of previous adventure—your adventure should start fresh. So we keep the outside of vehicles clean before rental.

Excellent Client Care from Our Van Rental Company

Besides offering our customers fantastic rates, well-maintained vehicles, and free access to this beautiful province, we also prioritize customer service because we know it helps us stand apart from the competition.

All of our staff members are friendly and approachable. We have a team on standby ready to answer your questions and provide you with information whether you are in the midst of your road trip, in the planning stages, or if you're looking to book with us again.

We know that every client is different and will have unique expectations for their rental experience. We will take the time to discuss the trip with you and provide you with everything you need to have a fantastic camping experience.

Adventure Awaits—Van Rentals Guaranteed to Satisfy

We’re confident that our rental vans offer the best bang-for-buck value to aspiring adventurers.

We want to finish your journey thrilled with the experience and satisfied with our services. During your rental, we’re here to help you with any questions or concerns that you have. We are responsive, friendly, and communicative, always willing to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Rest assured. With one of our rentals, your next adventure is guaranteed to satisfy.

Fitting Vanlife into Your Busy Life

Take a break from the demands of everyday life and never get tired of the scenery when you embark on your one of a kind van life adventure. The process is different for each person, but the destination remains the same. Seizing the day looks so good on everyone!

Some of the best pictures you will ever take can be captured just around the next corner. What are you waiting for? Reach out to discuss your options today.

Hassle-Free Camper Van Rentals

Are you the type of person who likes to travel relatively light? Does sleeping under the stars in a different city or town every night appeal to you? Camper van rentals are the solution you’ve been seeking. Not only are they affordable, but they’re also easy to maneuver so you can explore to your heart’s content, without ever having to worry about giving yourself enough time to make camp or set up a tent.

Camper Rental: Van Adventure Means Never Having to Check-in or Out

Free yourself from the hassle of checking in and out of hotels and other accommodations on time. When you choose a camper rental van, adventures don’t have to be cut short so that you can collect a keycard before the front desk closes down for the night. In addition to this, you can truly commit to your travels without having to worry about leaving yourself enough time to figure out how to set up a tent.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated staff to learn more about the many benefits of camper rentals.

Comfortable and Convenient Sleeper Van Rentals

Sleeper van rentals are the way to go when you want to make sure you’ve got a nice, cozy place to rest your head each night during your vacation. Not only will you never have to worry about trying to find a flat and tree root-free area to make your bed, but you also won’t have to think twice about what your evening’s rest will entail.

Don’t take any chances with trying to book different accommodations for every leg of your journey. Reach out to our knowledgeable staff to explore a wide range of reliable sleeper van rental options.

One Accommodation, Endless Destinations

When planning a vacation away from your hectic work life, one of the most stressful parts is figuring out where you will stay. On a road trip, this can mean setting up tents, booking hotels, or finding accommodations last minute.

But when you’re looking for rest, figuring out your resting place is the last thing you want to do. The priority should be to unwind, not to spend unnecessary time and energy on finding lodgings.

That’s why you should book a camper van for your road trip experience. There is limited setup required, and you’ll never need a hotel or a friend’s couch to crash on. Simply drive to your heart’s content, and when you find a suitable place to stop (always with a great view), you can park your resting place right there.

This freedom of destination is just one reason to choose a camper van for your vacation. If you’re convinced, or have any questions, call us today at (250) 216-9523 for a camper vacation specialist!

Road Trip: Van Rental Is the Ultimate Way to Travel

Are you planning to hit the road with your partner, friends, or family? What better way to take in all the sights and sounds of nature than to embark on your journey with a road trip van rental. We specialize in matching you with the perfect vehicle and combined accommodations to take you to every place you’d like to see.

Forget spending money on hotels or trying to get your tent folded back up into the bag it came in. You're going to love the freedom traveling by van brings you.

Vacation Van Rentals Made Easy

Is this your first time navigating a vacation van rental? Perhaps you’re an experienced pro, and this isn’t your first trip around our island in a van. Whatever the case may be, we’re the rental professionals you can trust to equip you with the best vehicle for your travels. Connect with us to consult at no risk to you. We’re looking forward to providing you with answers to any questions you may have.

A Leader Among Campervan Companies Region-Wide

What makes us stand out from other campervan companies? Not only do we strive to offer premium quality vans, but we also bring you the best in rental opportunities for some of the most competitive pricing in our region. In addition to this, we go above and beyond to ensure your trip starts off right by making sure each vehicle is clean, well-maintained, and ready to take you where you want to go. Get in touch with us to discuss the details of your next getaway today.

What Our Clients Love Most About Renting Camper Vans

Are you new to the world of renting camper vans? Feel free to reach out to our certified rental experts for advice on what to expect when traveling by van for the first time. In the meantime, here are just some of the things our clients have said they love most about renting our camper vans:

  • The size of the van makes them easy to maneuver
  • Travel becomes less expensive when you don’t have to worry about booking accommodations
  • You can be spontaneous
  • Safety and security while enjoying nature

Book Your Rental Van Today!

Don’t hesitate. We’re ready to schedule your rental and make your next vacation a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, you’re sure to enjoy the adventure when you ride with Cool Camper Rentals.

Contact us today to book your rental.