RV Rentals in Vancouver Island

If you are looking for a reliable and spacious RV for your next adventure, we invite you to contact the family-run Cool Camper Rentals. Our RVs are fitted with all the modern conveniences, ensuring you have everything you need for a night on the campsite or an adventure on the open road.

Like the saying goes: “It’s not the destination—it’s the journey.” With the right RV, your journey is sure to be as comfortable as it can be. Make sure we’re the ones you call for your next RV adventure.

With incredibly low rates, a variety of RV options, and unlimited mileage, we’re the rental company for you. Our phone number is (250) 216-9523, and we can’t wait to hear from you.


What Can You Do With an RV Rental?

Renting an RV opens a world of travel possibilities, allowing you to explore the great outdoors without blowing your budget. RVs are comfortable and convenient, providing extensive storage, seating, and a place to spend the night when camping or driving long distances.

RV rentals are perfect for taking long road trips, exploring local parks, and enjoying the natural beauty of your surroundings. Our camper vans function as a one-stop shop for storage, accommodation, and transportation, providing an efficient, straightforward experience for local camping trips or long drives up the coast.

Are RVs Suitable for Overnight Camping?

RVs and camper vans are ideally suited for overnight camping trips. They offer a cozy, convenient alternative to sleeping in a tent and provide amenities you wouldn’t have access to at a typical campsite.

With extensive storage, water and electrical hookups, and spacious seating and sleeping interiors, our RVs can elevate an average camping excursion into an unforgettable journey. If you’re new to camping and have reservations about sleeping outside, our camper vans can make your overnight stay safer and more enjoyable than a tent.

How Many People Can Fit in an RV?

Depending on their size, camper vans and RVs usually have multiple rows of seating and can comfortably fit around half a dozen people. If you plan on sleeping in your rental, you may have difficulty fitting more than two people or four people, depending on the model, but your RV can easily fit your gear and supplies for a weekend on the road or camping in provincial parks. 

The bigger the vehicle, the more people it can fit. However, safety and comfort should always be a top priority, and you should never have more passengers than seatbelts and airbags.

How Expensive is Renting an RV Camper?

Prices for renting an RV camper van can vary. We’re proud to provide transparent financing information on our rentals, offer unlimited mileage, and include insurance protection for all our drivers.

Our rental rates are:

  • $130 per day
  • $390 for a 3-day rental
  • $875 for a 7-day rental

Cool Camper Rentals’s RV Rental Services

At Cool Camper Rentals, we’re passionate about facilitating your next adventure. We boast an impressive selection of vehicles and retro camper vans that make your outdoor time extra special.

Our RVs and camper vans all come with the following:

  • Kitchen supplies (including cutlery, dishes, cooler, and cookware)
  • Washing items (towels, dishcloths, and soap)
  • Matches
  • Propane
  • Cooking stove
  • Folding chairs
  • Bedsheets
  • Tap lights with batteries

Can Anyone Rent an RV?

RVs over a certain size and weight class require special licensing, but camper vans and small RVs can be operated by anyone with a fully graduated driver’s license. No special courses or additional insurance are required to safely drive an RV, but it’s generally a good idea to give yourself some time to adjust to the vehicle's handling before starting your journey.

Our friendly technicians will happily walk you through your vehicle's specs and provide tips for safely navigating the roads. We also keep our vehicles in top condition to minimize the risk of malfunctions or breakdowns while driving.

Your Camper Van Rental Team

When families are looking to rent a camper, they contact us. As a family-owned company with unrivaled professional experience, we know what families want from an RV van—and an RV rental company.

Our fully converted GMC RVs come fully stocked with all the accommodations you’ve come to expect from modern vehicles. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure all your questions are answered and every concern addressed.

With our camper vans, you can always expect:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Fully equipped campers
  • 30-point vehicle inspections prior to use
  • Flexible booking options
  • Unlimited mileage and insurance included

Would you like to book your RV today? Call your trusted RV dealers today.

RV Campers Equipped with Everything You Need

When you book one of our campers for a weekend or 7-day adventure, you get more than four wheels and folding seats. Our vehicles are equipped with all the modern comforts and more. Get your well-needed rest on our vans’ comfortable drop down 6’3 beds and enjoy conversation with your traveling companions in their spacious interior sit-down areas.

Every one of our RVs is equipped with:

  • Kitchen supplies (cutlery, cooler, and cookware)
  • Towels, soaps, and dishcloths
  • Cooking stove
  • Folding chairs
  • Interior lighting

For affordable rates, you can also rent sleeping bags, propane, pillows, and more. Check out our RVs for yourself on our website's gallery page.

Affordable Camper Add-Ons

While we've prepared the complimentary essentials in advance for you to enjoy, we also have some extra camper add-ons available for purchase.

Make your trip that much more comfortable and convenient with:

  • Batteries ($15/pack of 8)
  • Extra propane ($10/additional bottle)
  • Sleeping bag and pillow ($5/day)
  • S'mores kit ($15)
  • Portable gazebo ($50 flat)

Comfortable Campers at Great Rental Rates

When it comes to RV rentals on Vancouver Island, you’ll have difficulty finding more comfortable camper vans at better price points. We’ve invested significant resources to provide access to a fleet of well-maintained vans that provide you with a cozy getaway.

We want your travel experience with us to be positive, and that extends to providing competitive rates without cutting corners or compromising quality. You can discover the beauty of our local surroundings for less, and our vehicles will help you embark on a memorable journey.

A Range of RV Camper Rental Options

At Cool Camper Rentals, we’ve built our business on a foundation of honesty, hard work, and excitement. As RV rental specialists, we know our clients are always looking for an adventure, so we offer a range of vehicle options to cater to your preferences and facilitate your next journey.

Our fleet of RVs are converted GMC Safaris and don’t require a Class A license to operate. Once you’ve made your selection, signed the paperwork, and gassed up for the road, you can get started on your next adventure right away. With customizable add-ons and a fleet of stylish vehicles, we’re confident you’ll love our RVs.

One-of-a-Kind RV Rentals

When you invest in a recreational vehicle for your next camping adventure, you’re choosing to invest in a one-of-a-kind experience. Camper vans are a relic from a different time and conjure up a lifestyle of excitement, freedom, and adventure. Renting one of our vehicles lets you escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and tap into a unique experience, even if it’s temporary.

Whether you’re taking to the open roads in search of new horizons or returning to your favourite camping spot along the coast, our vehicles can get you there. Our rentals are a practical solution for your transportation and camping needs, but they’re also a fun way to bring you closer to your friends and family.

The Best RV Rentals on Vancouver Island

When it comes to RV rentals on Vancouver Island, only one company offers comprehensive insurance and affordable prices: Cool Camper Rentals. We’re committed to providing you with the best possible rental experience, and our team goes above and beyond to pair you with a suitable vehicle and cater to your needs. From our fleet of vintage vehicles to our transparent pricing and camping equipment packages, your experience with us will be unlike any other.

We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as a reliable option for campers, and our status as the go-to choice for RV rentals is the result of years of faithful service. Whether you’re embarking on a family trip, a romantic getaway, or a camping adventure with friends, our vehicles are the best option to get you there.

Family-Friendly RVs for Rent

At Cool Camper Rentals, we boast an impressive selection of family-friendly RVs that are the perfect addition to a memorable camping weekend. Our fleet of repurposed GMC Safaris is safe and simple to operate and has plenty of space for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re teaching your kids to fish or looking for a quiet escape from the city, our RVs will make your experience even more enjoyable.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we understand the importance of quality time and know that a weekend camping can create memories that last a lifetime. Our vehicles can help enhance your camping adventure and add a touch of retro excitement to your fun outing. Our rentals can turn your outdoor excursion into a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

Local Camper Van Rentals

If you’re looking for a camper van to keep you comfortable and cozy on your next adventure, look no further than the rental experts at Cool Camper Rentals. Whether you’re driving up the coast or staying local, our vehicles can help you fully experience the beauty of our surroundings without compromising on comfort. Our RVs are professionally maintained and equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to make your next adventure memorable.

As members of the Vancouver Island community, we’ve faithfully served our neighbors and fellow adventurers for years. Our attentive staff will ensure you have everything you need for an exciting travel experience, and our local expertise means we can make personalized recommendations and prepare you to embark on your journey.

Camper Van Rentals for Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re a camping enthusiast, an avid hiker, or just enjoy spending time in nature, our camper van rentals are perfect for supporting your next adventure. At Cool Camper Rentals, we firmly believe that the journey is just as important as the destination, and our RVs are designed to enhance your experience in the great outdoors. They’re suitable for long trips, exploring national parks, and even local getaways.

When you rent one of our campers, you’ll get access to a vehicle that allows you to get where you need to go without compromising comfort or convenience. We’d love for our RVs to be your next travel companion, and our camper vans are ready to hit the road when you are.

Professionally Maintained RVs

At Cool Camper Rentals, we want you to have the best possible rental experience, so we rigorously maintain our RVs and ensure they adhere to strict industry standards. Our skilled technicians regularly conduct inspections and perform safety checks before and after our vehicles are rented. Your safety is important to us, and we want you to feel comfortable behind the wheel of our RVs wherever your adventures take you.

You deserve to experience the excitement of the great outdoors without concerns over the performance or integrity of your transportation. When you choose to rent from us, that’s exactly what you’ll get: a worry-free, memorable experience. You can have confidence in your vehicle knowing that it’s passed our inspection checks, which include assessments of the following:

  • Brake systems
  • Tire condition
  • Suspension system
  • Light and electrical systems
  • Steering mechanism
  • Exhaust and fuel systems
  • Safety features
  • RV emergency equipment
  • …and more!

Flexible Camper Van Rental Prices

As part of our commitment to excellent service, we pride ourselves on the affordability of our rentals and insurance packages. We understand that flexibility is key when camping, so we offer a range of rental prices and packages that can suit diverse budgets and travel preferences. Our transparent pricing structure also ensures you only pay for the required features and amenities.

Our team offers reduced rates for three-day and seven-day rentals to help you get the most out of your journey and provide the flexibility to change your plans and follow the call of nature. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the excitement of camper van travel, and our competitive pricing model reflects that. Our vehicles allow you to explore the open road without stressing about your financial bottom line.

Vintage RV Models for Rent

If you have a passion for 90s tech or miss the days when you packed up the family camper and drove up the coast, you should contact Cool Camper Rentals. Our fleet of GMC Safaris and camper vans can help you embrace nostalgia and start your adventure in a vehicle that blends retro aesthetics with modern comforts. Our spacious, professionally maintained fleet has everything from extra storage to smooth handling.

When you rent one of our RVs, you’ll be immersed in the unique character of our timeless vehicles and enjoy the convenience of newly installed tech and amenities. If you’re searching for the missing piece from your retro camping aesthetic, you’ll find it in our vehicles. We’re confident you’ll love your RV rental, and we’ll happily break down the specs of your ride during your consultation.

Easy to Drive RVs

Once you put the keys in the ignition of our camper RV, you’ll notice just how easy it is to drive. Our RVs are converted GMC Safaris rather than Class A vehicles. These GMCs are easy to handle and do not require a special license to drive.

Full Insurance Rental RV Coverage

The best vacations are stress-free. That's why we're pleased to offer our clients full insurance coverage on our RV rentals. Our company maintains full, valid auto insurance on all our vehicles, which we'll be happy to go through with you at your request.

Venture out into the wilderness with the peace of mind knowing you're covered every mile of the journey.

How Our RV Insurance Protects You

If it’s your first time operating an RV, you may have some concerns about the safety and handling of the vehicle. These concerns are understandable, but with Cool Camper Rentals, they’re entirely unnecessary. Our rentals are suitable for drivers with varying levels of experience, and with our comprehensive insurance protection, you’ll be able to enjoy the roads without stress.

We provide full coverage insurance for all our rentals and offer competitive package rates. Should you experience a flat tire, fender bender, or other accident, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected when you’re behind the wheel. We’ll gladly go over our insurance plans in detail with you, but our coverage typically includes the following:

  • Vehicle damage coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Emergency assistance and towing costs
  • Vacation liability coverage
  • …and more!

Unlimited Mileage on Camper Vans

When you partner with us, there's no limit to the fun you can have—literally. Our camper vans come with unlimited mileage so that you can explore beautiful British Columbia to your heart's content.

Safety-Checked Recreational Vehicles

With us, safety always comes first. We never rent one of our RVs unless it has passed a 30-point safety check. Our fleet is meticulously maintained on a routine basis for a smooth ride, every time. In the unlikely event that you do run into roadside difficulties, we've put a list of all the local numbers you might need in an emergency in each of our RVs for your access.

What's more, hygiene and safety go hand in hand for us, so we make sure to clean our vehicles as diligently as we service them. Between every trip, we wash all bedding and fabrics found inside the campers. We also clean all kitchen hardware and sanitize all surfaces. When you enter your rental camper for the first time, you'll enter a spotless, pristine, and hygienic environment.

Rent a Portable Gazebo for Your RV Camper

For those travelers looking to add a little extra comfort to their adventure, we invite you to try our portable gazebos. Our affordable gazebos provide the shelter needed to enjoy the outdoors, no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Camper-to-Camper Advice and Recommendations

The inspiration behind our company was to share the joy of camping and the natural wonders of Island life with as many people as possible. If it's your first time visiting Vancouver Island, or if you've been before and need some fresh travel ideas, we'd be more than happy to share with your our advice and recommendations.

As locals, allow us to give you the inside scoop on the best places to hike, fish, camp, and sight-see. Discover this little piece of Canadian paradise we like to call home.

Customer-Centric Rental Company

Our company exists to help our clients experience the road trip getaway of their dreams. Your satisfaction with our service is of the utmost importance to us. When you give us a call, you can expect to find a friendly voice on the other end of the line. If you have any questions or concerns, we'd be happy to provide answers for you. We may not be travel agents, but we'll do everything in our power to make your experience in our RV a rewarding one.

Customer-centric from pick-up to drop-off, there's no better choice on the Island than Cool Camper Rentals!

A Friendly RV Rental Company

Our customer-centric approach to RV rentals has helped cement our reputation as a friendly local company. We’ll provide you with a reliable vehicle and comprehensive insurance protection, but we’re also dedicated to creating a warm, welcoming experience for every new client. We’re here to guide you through the rental process and help you select a vehicle that suits your needs.

Our entire team is dedicated to fostering a positive, supportive environment, and we’ll happily address your questions and concerns about your journey. Whether you’re a first-time renter or a seasoned road tripper, you can expect our team’s complete attention to your needs. We’ll do everything possible to support you and ensure your rental experience exceeds your expectations.

Book Your Camper Van Today

The next time you decide to hit the road with your family or friends, we hope you think of us. Once we get your call, we’ll lay out the many RV options available to you. For a low rate, you’ll get the camper van you want—for however long you need it.

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